Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chico will be 1 tomorrow....

Our darling little naughty puppy will be 1 tomorrow, we will have a small party for her, well ok not a party but a new toy and have purchased some expensive dog food for breakfast for her and biscuit :). Since she has been spayed she has been a little ratbag....

This morning I arsed over down the steps, so not fun, have sore arms well sorer than normal and one hell of a sore butt......

So far new meds seem to be working a  treat, no side effects will increase it next Tuesday :)

Am having a feel sorry for me day today, should be studying first assignments are due next week, will start them tomorrow :)


  1. hooray for Chico :)

    Not so good news for you, hope you're feeling better now than before.. be careful!


  2. Oh my goodness .... a fall. That's not good news. Hope the after affects don't hang around too long.

    I can hardly believe Chico is a year old. What a year it's been.

    Enjoy her birthday. *smiles*


  3. OMG has it really been a year! Happy Birthday Miss Chico.
    And I hope you are feeling a bit better today after your fall.