Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have had so many compliments in the last week, saying how much better I look, and how good I look with make-up, god I must have looked like crap before lol. But seriously it has been really nice to get compliments :)

Another good day I am having, still have not started the assignment, because I am loving being able to do things with no pain but I will start that this afternoon. 

As I said before winter has officially finished in this house, so today I went out and got veges for summer salads, tonight's dinner is already in the crock-pot, a stew with salad, yip a hardy winter dish with a summer salad :).

Oh yeah both Steph and I have won another competition, a crystal bracelet, yip she is entering them too....

Still waiting on my Wella haircare package, wish it would hurry up and arrive. 

Anyway I really better get this assignment started...

Catch you later :)

For the first time in ages I am getting interested in fashion again, I have found some amazing clothes shops, both online and in the real world.... God I can't believe the change in me over the past week or so.... long may it continue :) - this is really such a lovely feeling, maybe it is the meds putting me on a high, but right now I don't care I am just loving this feeling :).

Have just updated the treatment page up above, so you see how many meds I have to take just to get through a day that most people take for granted, and if I don't take the things like panadol and tramadol on time, I certainly notice it.  

Sarisha I have finally set up skype and have added you - hope to chat soon :)

I have discovered a website ETSY but I am sure every other person already knows about it... lol. I have had a ball looking through all the cool stuff.... have a fair few things in my favorite list already all I need now is to win lotto.... 


  1. I'm so thrilled you are feeling so much better. It's been a long hard haul to here so hoping the improvement continues.

    Fully understand your joy in doing after all the struggling.


  2. Yay, I am glad you are feeling so much better. A combination of the meds & those wee things you are doing for ourself, like make up and nails etc.

    I just read your meds list - F*#K. At least they are making you feel better. Keep up the good work - and get onto that assignment before you leave it too late then get all stressy because you have to hurry it.

  3. Glad your feeling better Jackie that is awesome that you are getting compliments too :)

  4. woohoo she's back :) glad you're feeling so much better


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE how happy you sound in this post - I am sooooooooooooo happy for you !
    Have the best day.