Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Chico :)

Our Miss Chico turns one today :), and we love her dearly even when she has been digging in the dirt... Below a photo of Miss Biscuit and the following of Miss Chico enjoying being dirty. Tomorrow she goes in for her groom :)

I am still really sore, hopefully will feel better after the weekend as I have assignments due.....


  1. OMG what a little grub!
    She will outgrow the annoying things soon!

  2. Great photos. Enjoy the Birthday Celebration.

    Sun shining today. Amazing.


  3. Happy Birthday to Chico. It just seems like yesterday I saw pictures of her being born! Goes to show how quickly time goes.

    She sure look like she need a groom:)

  4. Happy birthday Miss Chico What a star you are
    Mary H