Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here I am....

On a Sunday morning feeling pretty darn good about everything, have had a lovely shower, wearing one of my new tops, make-up all done and just waiting for everyone else to get up :)

The only thing I need to get done is eyebrow reshape which will be in the next week or so.

Not sure when Chris is coming home, but hopefully it will be on the bus.

And the best news, though I am a little sore from yesterday, I feel a darn site better than what I have in months and months after a day outing :), but am still not trying to get to excited that this might be the med that will give me my life back - well as much as you can with CRPS :) 

Now all I need is another rain free day and it will be perfect :)

How exciting I am wearing shoes lol 

Just been out to get some leggings as I had a $20 voucher to use in the next few days, and scored myself a nice top for $5.00 that was in the winter clothes sale... what a score :)

Oh and the shoes I wore for about 2 hours, am stoked to be able to wear them again, no heels though but right now I am just happy to wear shoes.  

Ohhhh I think I might be able to wear shoes again awesome :), but like the meds I am not going to get to excited yet. This afternoon I ended up sleeping, think yesterday took more out of me than I thought, Chris is  arriving home tonight at 12.35am by bus.... fun having to pick him up, it will be David though I think, I will be to zonked out to even be able to do it. 

Anyway all in all a nice weekend was had, one of the better ones in months and months, I actually felt like I was normal :) 

Tomorrow I must work on the assignment I got an extension for and set up skype as there is another lady out there with CRPS I would love to catch up with.


  1. I'm getting my eyebrows re-shaped this week too. I hope your beautiful Sunday continues and that the meds continue to work. And, you get to celebrate the rugby! xx

  2. Good news indeed.

    Love having someone else look after me ... like shape my eyebrows, paint finger and toe nails etc.


  3. Great to see you are still doing great with the new meds.
    I have never had my eyebrows done professionally... I plucked the life out of them as a teenager and now they just don't grow much at all!

  4. Hiya Jackie...well this is the 1st 'blog' I have ever read, believe it or not!
    Yep I'm really looking forward to talking to you on Skype too!
    Well I've plucked my own eyebrows since I was about 12-13...if I don't I have a mono brow lol! Seriously they are so darned hairy & thick. I've never had them done professionally before.
    Really great you've had a wonderful day, and hope also that the meds you are now on helps 100% Jackie. Wouldn't that be wonderful :)
    Hoping I get something positive happen with me soon...can't see any light at the moment, bedridden virtually 24/7...and had enough of the pain.And no 'life'.And living in fear...for many reasons...
    Anyhooooo! Must catch up soon!
    Oh and I LOVE your wedding pics & also that adorable little puppy...I would so love to have one of those :)
    Cheers, Sarisha Aka Karen (or is it the other way around?) lol!

  5. Yay to feeling normal!! Long may that continue :)