Monday, August 27, 2012

It just keeps getting better....

everyday I am feeling better and better, I even drove at midnight to get Chris from the bus stop, something I would never have dreamed of doing 2 weeks ago.... the only thing I have to remember is to get up 5 minutes earlier and walk around a bit as my leg was spasming while driving.... 

Have to admit I was in quite a bit of pain last night and through the night but hey I had a busy weekend for me, and a small price to pay for having a "normal" weekend. 

Don't get me wrong here, I am still in constant pain but the pain is workable, and I know I still have a long way to go... but hey for now I am taking every day I can... and not stress over the future.

I have gained a few kilos since the bike accident over a year ago, so yesterday I sorted through all my draws etc and put the clothes that are uncomfortable in a bag in the wardrobe, and will drag them out again in a few months time, cause looking at them all the time is not doing my head any good.

Speaking of weight, now that I am no longer nauseous, well at least not daily anyway, I am going to have to control my food intake again, but am not going to stress about it, for now I am going to live day by day...... and enjoy life while I can, but still focus on the food but not make it my obsession right now, maybe I will later but right now I am just enjoying being in less pain. Chris is a bit worried about the addiction side of this med, and I must admit it is in the back of mind but for now I am not going to stress over that, I just want to enjoy life right now, and that's what I plan to do :), and hell I am even thinking the trip to Aussie just might be happening again :). 

These are the shoes I got, and guess what I wore them again today lol... so exciting :), I probably should have gone down a size but with the swelling I was not sure but like I said they are cheapish and only a trial pair, though I do rather like them :)

 And below are the two tops/dress I got, am trying to get away from black - did well with one but not the other.....

 I have been rather lazy with the study, been pottering around doing other bit and pieces but will start on it soon.... 

Am really enjoying the nail polish but need to invest in some cool summer colors I think, have just changed my nails to a deep pink... at the moment I am using my old ones and some of them are OLD lol. I am really getting into pink lately, used to hate it, but want a really nice yellow one.

Still have not studied, may leave it now till tomorrow and work really hard, hard to get motivated when the kids are at home :), they go back Thursday, next week they have a 3 day week as we are going to Auckland for my uni course and they are spending a couple of days with their dad. David is doing all the driving and will also be my writer for the course.  


  1. The green dress is gorgeous. I'm so glad the new meds are working and have given you your first normal weekend in a long time. Long may it continue xx

  2. I love your green top. It's so hard to find things with sleeves sometimes. I would wear it for sure!

    It's so wonderful to see you so enthusiastic for life again:)

  3. Love the green top - looks great.
    Thanks for sharing.