Thursday, August 23, 2012

Its over....

Yes officially winter is over in this house, I have dragged out a summer skirt, I am putting all my drab winter clothes into hibernation, not that I had many anyway.

Chris is off to his Dads for a few days, me well study will be done, want to get this assignment finished today and I am sure I will. 

Oh yeah since I have started my new med the nausea has nearly all gone, only get it rarely now yay.

Makeup done, still doing my beauty regime, and starting to feel like life could be just worth it again.... Just that little change has made myself feel so much better, I am actually spending more time in clothes now rather than PJ's lol.

Oh well of to drop Chris of at the bus-stop, Steph and I will pop in and visit David's mum after that, then home to finish the assignment, only about 400 words to go, so pretty much all done :) 

Oh and the sun is still shinning, which I will be spending some time in before it goes :) - Yip life feels pretty darn good right now :) 

Can we please have just 1 day without rain please please please.... and no never got out in it, by the time I had done all the running around and did some more study the clouds had arrived and soon after the rain..... 

I am feeling so much better, have not felt this good in god knows how long, yes I know I still have a long way to go, but not feeling nauseous is a great start, this means I need to take some control back over my food, also with summer coming along, I want to get out and about a bit. I want some sort of life this spring/summer... I need to and I want to :)  


  1. Oh buggar. Here comes the rain. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine while it was here.

  2. So glad you are feeling better - isn't that feeling of spring amazing?

    I think it really helps when you make the effort to look good every day, even just for yourself.

  3. Good on ya... I am sure with the nicer weather coming you will feel heaps better too.