Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just because....

I can not have my seaside beach-house yet, does not mean I can not start planning for it.... I have been dreaming a lot about it lately so I am going to start decorating as if I am living in our beach house....  So when we do move into the beach-house the furniture and furnishings will be sorted well some of it :)

I am not sure where we would like to settle, though I love the Mount, it can be busy and I think I would like to move to a quieter beach.... but hell I would settle for anywhere lol.... And as for David well he will go where I want, got to love him lol.  

Chico had a haircut yesterday, and when we picked her up they mentioned her eye was bloodshot, now we don't recall it being like that when we dropped her off, so we think they may have accidentally jabbed her or something, but today it looks much better thank god, else it would have been a trip to the vet.... will put up a photo of our precious we girl today :)

Not the best of photos as I am shaking quite a bit lately....  first one is of Biscuit, yes she is a spoilt little girl as well... and below Miss Chico :), the bottom ones are Chico with her new toy for her birthday :)

And just a wee video of the puppies playing together :)


  1. I like your thinking!
    I do the same thing... hence lots of stuff in my house has a nautical theme.
    One day it will happen, fingers crossed.
    Where do you want to settle?
    We like the Mount, Omaha Beach and Orewa Beach. Decisions!

  2. Love the idea of beginning now with the kind of decor you want long term.

    I'm just beginning to look at our house in a new light .... permanent beach lifestyle.

    We took our house off the market yesterday.


  3. lol love the video chico sharing :)

  4. Awwww Chico is gorgeous! She obviously loved her Biscuit too. She is looking fantastic Jackie... you guys are doing a great job with her.

  5. I'm always buying little decorating knick knacks for our "dream home" - no harm in preparing for it, right? ;)

    Chico is adorable, love seeing the cute pictures! x

  6. Looks like Biscuit has claimed that chair as her own:)

    Chico is looking very fancy with her new haircut.