Saturday, August 4, 2012

No time at the moment to focus on.....

Yip you guessed it WEIGHT-LOSS - I am not pre diabetic, I have slightly elevated blood pressure, but not enough for meds... like I need another med anyway :) I don't have IBS, or Acid Reflux, in fact I am pretty healthy if you don't count the weight and CRPS,, yes I am fat simple as.... but for the last couple of months I am losing, or maintaining most weeks, all be it slow but who cares, this is no longer a race. Yes this may change in the next few years but for now, I will continue to do what I am doing, which will depend on the day I am having and how nauseous I am... I eat carbs, protein whatever.... both GP and specialist are happy with how things are going, and that's fine by me.I don't smoke and I have not touched alcohol for 18+ months... I have carbs but that is not making me fat, what was making me fat was my overall lifestyle.... 

Why am I writing this because there is no-one way of eating, we all have to do what we feel is right and what we feel we can handle, my uncle who was always very healthy with food, in fact did low carb for many a year, is riddled with cancer..... low-carb does not keep cancer away, it is not the only way to keep away diabetes etc.... you find on the net what you want to find.... I have found some blogs, scholar papers on how low carb is not good for all, yes for some it is great, but for the others it is not recommended. Hunt a bit deeper and you will find the good and bad in all eating..... There is also a lot of difference between someone who has 12-15 kilos to lose to someone who has 50+ kilos to lose. Just because you are obese, or morbidly obese does not always mean you are unhealthy, when it comes to blood pressure, IBS etc.... in fact I know some people who are not overweight but are certainly not healthy. There are some amazing success stories out there from those who eat carbs and low fat, we are all different, and how we live our lifestyle is up to us....  yes put it out there what you are doing but don't be biased, acknowledge the good with the bad...

Today Miss Chico is getting groomed.... I need to get some study done, first assignment due next week :(.

My butt is still sore from the fall, but the arms are feeling better yay :)

And on that note have an awesome weekend :) 


  1. "People can be guilty of information overload You have to grab on to what works for you and then do it If someone can remain healthy, eating carbs is fine."

    I read this in an email from Jimmy Moore. I subscribe to his website.

    Wise words we all need to be aware of. I try to describe what I'm doing and why. Sometimes it's hard to accept that others are ignoring the information when it's obvious their health would benefit but who am I to even make that judgement?

    I think it's important to treat others as you would like to be treated. Some of these silly storms would never happen if we lived by that rule most of the time.

    You are doing what is best for you in the middle of some very difficult health stuff. You're an adult who knows how to research this stuff. It's time we trusted one another to do what's best for ourselves.

    I'll jump off my soap box now to say I think you are managing very well. I take my har off to you.


  2. Well said Jackie. I said something similar on Lynda's blog last night.
    Do what works for YOU, and be happy. That's all we can ask for ourselves.
    ONWARD eh?
    I hope Chico enjoyed her grooming.

  3. I totally agree with you - find what works for you and do it. It is hard when everyone is telling you what they think you should be doing - don't be afraid to say thanks but no thanks to advice that doesn't work for you.
    Have a great Sunday !

  4. I totally agree with you - find what works for you and do it. It is hard when everyone is telling you what they think you should be doing - don't be afraid to say thanks but no thanks to advice that doesn't work for you.
    Have a great Sunday !

  5. Re: Chico. Check her ALL OVER... make sure she hasn't got any nicks or cuts from the grooming.... be thorough... cos if she's got a sore eye and/or a cut somewhere the groomers need to know it happened at their shop.
    Then if Chico gets an infection from their grooming of her, they are libel for the vet fee.
    Our Teddy literally got his throat cut at a groomers a year or so ago, and they had to pay several hundred dollars for his vet fees and medication.

    I thank you for standing up for how you feel about 'diets'. My blog post tomorrow is saying something very similar to what you said today, only slightly STRONGER wording. lol

    I'm still fuming about what an anonymous person wrote about ME on Lynda's blog today. (in the comments)

  6. the only way that we can succeed at becoming healthy, losing weight etc, is by doing what is right by us.. noone else.. what works for you mightn't work for me, what works for me, mightn't work for you and so on...

    But, I believe we need to be true to ourselves.. there are so many different ideals, plans, suggestions etc, that if we tried to take on board all of them, we'd be a screaming mess.

    So, not putting anyone offline, not saying any one "plan" or "way" is right, I'm just saying, find what works for ourselves and be true to it..

    That's all we can do, find what works for us and being honest, upfront and humble above all in the way we conduct ourselves on and offline..

  7. As you know jaxx I lost my weight (over 80 kilos) by eating carbs. I figured out what worked for me n when I stick to that I lose. Do what works for you - you have to answer to yourself and no one else :)

  8. Hey Jaxx!

    Like I said on Chris's blog - do what ever makes you happy and works for you. Losing weight is such an individual thing - its not a race or a competition, find what works for you xx