Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The joys of medication...

I had started 2 new meds recently and one was knocking me out, making me really unstable physical wise and just out of it.... after a bit of trial and error, I have discovered which med it is and have gone back down a dose and feel so much better thanks god, so for now I will stay on the lowered dose, till I am on my maximum dose on the other med... then increase it again. I couldn't focus, study or anything....it was to dangerous to drive as well, thank god Steph can now drive is all I can say :)

Study has not been great the last few days but have now got back into it today.....

Sun is popping out a bit today yay... but looks like rain might be on the way again bugger.

Now that I am feeling slightly better I am going to make some changes in my life.... more on that another day :)

Oh yeah and our trip to Aussie next year we are thinking we might do 1 week in the Gold Coast and then 1 week in Sydney, have to look at the cost of flights etc....

And on that note time to study again....

Anonymous at least I have the guts to use my name.... and no it is not a necessity but we are saving for it, not getting in the shit financially to have it now.... I don't really care if you think I am a nice person or not :)


  1. Jackie, I am glad that you were able to narrow down which medication was causing you problems. I have started two new medications as well. They seem to be working good. So good luck and be careful.


  2. Trial and error. Doesn't it make you mad sometimes. G;ad you are finding a way through.

    You'll be pleased to know I picked up our mail today and the vouchers were there. Many thanks.

    We still get our mail sent to Mum's house and often only pick it up twice a week. We'll enjoy using those vouchers. I'm sure we'll find a way to use every one during the year.


  3. Is that trip to Oz really a "necessity"? Can't believe you had a go at poor Chris, you are not a very nice person.

  4. It must be so frustrating with those meds. It seems to be a never ending battle.

    Good luck with the study.

  5. "Poor Chris" OUCH, that made me feel bad.
    Sorry for jumping down your throat today Jackie, I know I do things wrong all the time... and overspend, and don't think about the long term at all.... comes from always thinking I could die tomorrow!!

    Have felt like that for years ... ever since I lost both my brothers and Dad... I know I've said that before, but until you have been in my shoes you probably have no idea how it feels to lose half your family 'JUST LIKE THAT'... no warning, no time to say goodbye... *sigh*

    I am not a nasty person, I should not have had a go at you and I apologise.

  6. Jackie: I had NO RIGHT to mention how you paid for Chico and I apologise. Please forgive me. It was not a nice thing for me to do.