Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today I am...

going to sit out in the sun, after my study and after I have been to the doctor...  oh and Chris is getting a haircut, already the sun is out shining brightly, so just today we might have a sun filled day :) Hoping to visit Davids mum with the kids for a bit, but that will depend on what time they are going to do some more tests on her.

I am also going to look at Number 1 shoe warehouse for a pair of ballerina type shoes, I just want to buy a cheap pair and see if I can wear them without my feet burning up, and if that works then I will get myself a couple of good pairs, I can not remember the last time I wore shoes, I have been living in jandels. 

Yesterday after my med increase, I was pretty zombi-ed out, but that will be my final increase for a while, am feeling much better this morning, hence why I am up about to do my study. The kids are off school for a week - perfect timing :)

I will endevour to take a photo today as well, seeing that is my mission, a photo a day :)

Catch you later.... 

Yay blood pressure has been slightly up (but not enough for meds), but today it has gone back down to normal. Anyway back into study, am making pretty good progress on this assignment, will finish it tomorrow :)

Well no sun today by the time I had done enough of my assignment it had gone... :(  - hopefully tomorrow I will get out in it twice.... Both puppies got their kennel cough vaccinations today as they will be going in the kennels for a couple of days in a few weeks time, when I am on my contact course in Auckland. 


  1. Best of luck with your plans! I recently got a pair of ballet flats that I can actually wear, the elastic kind that curl up hold on much better than flat ones ;)

  2. Sorry the sunshine didn't last. We've had some lovely warm weather today - so nice after quite a cold winter. How lovely to have your children on holidays. I hope you're able to comfortably wear shoes xx