Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today I.....

spent 5 minutes to do my hair and put a bit of make up on, nails were done last night and it is amazing what a difference it made, I felt better just for doing that little bit....

I am going to try and do it most days, if nothing else I will feel better for having done it :)

Now to get this assignment done, have to have it in post by tomorrow and barely started... 

Have a beef casserole in the crock-pot so dinner organized as well :) 

Weird the middle nail of my worse CRPS hand, the nail polish has chipped off.... have no idea why it is just the 1 finger nail - I will repaint it tomorrow again and see what happens, just weird.

And how did I go, well never got out in the sun, didn't exercise and didn't take a photo, but did do make-up, did quite a bit of study, and did my hair, didn't get in my PJ's early, I also did my beauty routine and I did have a pretty good day all in all :)

So to me that is a day of positives :) 

And to really end the day happy, I won a Wella Haircare package yay :) 


  1. My turn to have a slack day.

    Still in my nightie. I thought I might have a cold and have been taking paracetemol. Brassed off because I want to go to Pauanui tomorrow.

    Hopefully a rest day will mean I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.

    It does feel good to take a bit more care of yourself. Hope tomorrow goes even better.


  2. Glad your making yourself happy :) my gosh you are on a winning streak long may it continue :)