Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have some sun peeping through....

Yes I do believe I see some sun peeping through every so often.

This morning I had my hand therapist, she noticed the make up etc, which was nice, yes I am still doing the make-up and beauty regime, and each day I am feeling slightly better :)

The kids have a week off now, Chris is going to Auckland for a few days...

Not much else is happening, oh have been looking online to see what clothes are out there in my price range, think I can find some nice outfits to wear :)

And on that note better get some more study done :)

Not the clearest of photos as it was taken with the phone, but here is Miss Chico and Miss Biscuit enjoying a sleep together the other night.

 Did my nails again today, getting a fraction better - I thought I had let it dry well enough but obviously didn't as my little finger one has been knocked gggrrrrrr, am getting better at doing it and as they say practice makes perfect :)

Day is going ok.... :)


  1. Crazy weather. Sunshine right now, Gutter washer a few minutes ago. We are so soggy. Not getting anything done outside.


  2. Hope you get some sun soon so you can wear some bright clothes:)

  3. Don't blink. The suns shining.

    Good for you - i reckon you've hit the nail on the head. Look after you first - do things that make you smile and boost your confidence. Bring on those happy endorphins.

    Everything looks so much brighter.

  4. Oops - I'm anonymous. I'm just updating the aapnz blog and I'm logged in under that. Lee-Anne