Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today I am doing nothing but resting, I am tired and sore.... whoops so I think I have overdone things the last 2 days, but hell it was worth it. 

Today not much planned, will visit David's mum as it is her birthday... kids are back at school.

Catch you later :) 

Did I rest ummmm no, I decided to rearrange the lounge, not much just switched a few chairs around and gave it a good clean... there is not much I can do in this room. I love changing things around, now I really am tired so now I really will rest :)

I am on a med for spasms, I went off it for a while, as I was upping the other med, both were started within few days of each other, and as I was having bad side effects from one, I needed to know which one was giving me the side effects.... anyway I restarted it yesterday and it has confirmed my suspicions that this was the med giving me the bad side effects, so I am stopping it and will trial another one when my pain specialist comes back from holiday in a week or so. So in the meantime I will need to be careful as the spasms just happen anywhere anytime :), but at least I know now. 


  1. Take care of yourself !!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much.
    Have a great day !

  2. Good luck with trialing another med.

    Moving furniture around is good for the soul but probably not the best for your sore body!