Friday, August 17, 2012


Won another prize yesterday, a gift pack of Wella hair products, I am enjoying these competitions:)

Today beauty regime done, make up on, nail redone from yesterday when the nail polish came off, still have no idea why the one finger came off.... oh well.

Today I will finish the assignment and this weekend will start on the other two that are due next week :(, then hopefully will be back on top of things.

Oh and hope to get a photo taken today and if the sun comes out, will sit out in it for 10 minutes.

Back later :)

Photos done for the day, not to exciting sorry....

 Can't wait till we get leaves on the trees will give us so much more privacy
And even spent 10 minutes out in the sun - small steps, oh 1 assignment done 2 to go :)


  1. Sitting out in the sun is nice. I can't wait until spring!

    You've inspired me to do my nails sometime today. It sometimes just brightens things up.

    Have a good weekend, even though you have lots of study.

  2. Really weird weather at the moment but when the sun is out it almost feels like Spring. I love it and I can't wait for it.

    That list you made is fantastic. Investing time in yourself is so uplifting.

    I'm glad you've dropped one paper. Hopefully it can all be so much more manageable for you.

    hope to catch up again soon. I still don't have my car during the day but maybe next week, fingers crossed.

    Mr T is improving, getting more movement and swelling has gone down. he was able to put his wedding ring back on a couple weeks ago. Trying to get him to take the vitamin C tho is a pain. I guess he takes so many as it is. Oh well at least I'm taking them.

    Take care and have a great weekend and hopefully we can enjoy some more sunshine.

  3. Hi Jackie, thanks so much for getting back to me. I googled everything I could but just couldn't find you! Love your pooches and the bird house is gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend xx