Monday, September 17, 2012

A new week begins....

A new week begins - only two more weeks of school left for this term and next week Friday the twins turn 17 years old.... my god those years have gone mighty fast.

Anyway below is the pair of shoes I got the other day - sorry photo is blurry and below that is the three nail polishes I got yesterday one was a base coat and the pinky one when on is a lovely pink/purple shade really nice :)

Yay hoping my skirt arrives this week, got shipped out last week.... and also the nail polishes I won should arrive this week as well.....

Today I really must study, I have an assignment due this week.....

I am still sore especially in my left ankle (where the CRPS started), a lesson learned that I really must use my wheelchair instead of trying to be the superwomen....

Catch you later :) 

I have just taken a nausea tablet... I hate this feeling why why why..... if I was not so ill and sore I would be so bloody frustrated....

Wow  about 30 weeks till our trip away - finally feeling like it is getting more real lol... Nausea tablet has kicked in, Pain meds have kicked in so feeling much better :) 


  1. `Sorry you are having a bad day.

    Your shoes look lovely.

    Hope tomorrow is a lot better


  2. Hang in there! Focus on the good things like the trip! Just so you know I'm having a bad day myself!