Thursday, September 6, 2012

A quick update.....

A quick update, am laying in bed watching Coronation Street and on the iPad.....

First day of the course lasted to 2pm so not to bad, it was so good having David there to do the driving and being my writer. Have 1 more day tomorrow then the 3 hour drive home, and then of course pick up the puppies on Saturday morning. 

Tonight we went out and had an early dinner at Dutch Delight, a lovely Dutch restaurant, then we popped in to see the kids at my ex's place, they are up there for a few days, it is really nice that we can be friends now. Was a bit strange actually being in the house we did up, got to pat Scampy one of the dogs we had, I kept Millie and he kept Scampy. 

Motel is ok, one thing we forgot to ask was did it have a lift or if there were any rooms on ground floor, get there, and it is 2 flights up..... No lift so lesson learnt for next time, to check it is wheelchair accessible. I certainly don't need any added stress like stairs. First night we had a screaming baby in the room next to us.... Tonight we have a large group occupying a few rooms with kiddos running all around. But all in all it is not to bad, was not cheap but because there is a lot of things happening here on the shore there was not much accomodation available. 

Anyway time to spend some time with David catch you all on the weekend :)


  1. Glad everything went well. You're halfway there. One more day and then you can relax.

  2. sounds like fun :) enjoy it and look forward to catching up on your return