Monday, September 24, 2012

And a new week begins...

And the kids are on holidays from Friday...

Went and got a warrant for my car this morning, it failed :(, but the good news it was only 2 bulbs and he fixed it then and there for me so cost me a whole $10.40 and my car is warranted for another 6 months :). 

Dinner tonight is a bacon and chicken potato bake in the crock-pot, so dinner is sorted :)

Now I must finish the housework and then do some study :) 

Anne I will try and remeber the picture :)

Forgot to say my weight is heading down slowly about 400 -500 grams a week but that is fine with me, been averaging that now for about a month :) - slowly changing my eating habits.

Bloody fun, they are digging up our street and of course that is setting the dogs of fun NOT!  

Won another prize a rechargeable corkscrew... worth $99 apparently - was just saying that last week I had won nothing :)   

There you go Anne, not a very good picture... sorry (it tasted nicer that it looks lol)Shame I was to nauseous to eat much of it, but the rest of the family ate it all... I have been feeling nauseous all day today.

 Well I wont be shopping from OneStopPlus anymore, I am not sure why I am not getting my stuff but looking on face-book there seems to be quite a few complaints, and I think I am lucky they refunded my credit card. I have found some clothes on Etsy... and I am now looking at some Aussie sites for some clothes :). I will get me some clothes someday soon lol.


  1. Dinner sounds delicious ! Have a great day and work hard !

  2. Pic please of dinner :) I looking for ideas.. sigh