Monday, September 10, 2012

At last....

I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get rid of the signature.... no I don't know HTML, so finally through Google I did it, and it was so bloody basic it was not funny. The good thing is that because of that I have been sitting and resting for a bit :)

Anyway think I like the look of the blog.... 

Today has involved doing this blog, lots and lots of housework..... and washing. It has been really windy here, but the sun is out so that's a bonus. 

The kids have only 3 weeks of school left this term and then 4 weeks next term and that's it for the year, Steph I think is going to do a beautician course next year here in Rotorua and Chris is going to do a combination of poly-tech and school.  

Anyway I am over this laptop now after spending hours trying to remove the signature. 

Hope this is better Margie-Anne :) 

Interesting today I had not bothered with make-up or anything, and I have felt blah all day, I am not even sure I brushed my hair lol..... goes to show well for me that spending a bit of time on m,yself really does make a difference. 

Tomorrow I have my hand therapist, then I need to get back into study as mid semester break is over and assignments are due again soon :)

Yesterday I said I was going low-carb - I am not sure if that is the right way to describe it as I am still going to be having potato and rice, what I am going to be doing is going back to whole food eating, so cooking everything from scratch while focusing on low-carb, it is not really low-carb, maybe more primal..... hell in the end does it really need a name, no it doesn't so then what I am doing, I am going to eliminate processed food, and eat whole foods..... yes that is probably a better way to describe it, having said that protein will feature in my eating to quite an extent :)   

Tonight we had the most yummy dinner and all made from scratch.... over the last few months I have not had the energy to cook from scratch, today I made it from scratch and it was so worth it.... I am really tired and sore now, so meds and an early night for me I think :) 


  1. Hope your plans toward low carb are going well. I know you wanted to do this earlier but the pain kicked in and became a great distraction.

    Wishing you all the best with getting started.

    I like the look of your blog but can you do me a favour and use a slighter darker text. The colour is fine. I'm trying to give my eyes a rest. I'm shocked by how bad they are at times.


  2. I love the pictures peeking out from teh sides of your page. I tried to do that but failed!

    You're right in that it doesn't matter what your eating is called. Maybe try and think of some easy meals you can make that fit in with the style of eating you want. Then the days when you are feeling better you can tackle the more difficult ones.

  3. Good luck with having a go at low carb... cooking from scratch etc.
    I almost always cook from scratch.
    Well except pastry, I buy that! lol