Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back home... & Prizes

Arrived home about 6pm last night...was so good to be home :)

This morning picked up the puppies, they were so excited to see us, this was Chico's first time away from us, they have been sleeping most of the day, I was so excited to go and pick them up I couldnt sleep lol.

After we spent a bit of time with them, we went and got a couple garden pots and some soil to start the pot vege garden we are going to have :), still need another 6 or 7 pots over the next few weeks. We then went out for a light lunch, and now I am relaxing for the afternoon, as my body was telling me I need to rest so that is what I am doing.

I could not have done the course without David, by lunchtime on Friday, I was so had it, I could no longer read the white board, or concentrate, I slept most of the drive home. All in all though it was a study couple of days, it also felt like a holiday just being away for a bit, something David and I want to do a bit more often.

Tomorrow we will head to Hamilton to pick up the kids who are still with their dads. 

That's about it for now..... 

Right once again Steph and I have been discussing losing weight etc... speaking of weight loss Chris my son has lost just over 20 kilos and he is looking so good, he has just done it by cutting out crap food, still having the odd treat, and he cooks stirfrys a lot, and basically eats vegetarian. Steph does well on the low carb diet, but she has got slack lately so has gained a couple of kilos, she has about 5-6 kilos to lose I think for her to be happy, she is not fat but you know what teenagers are like, Chris was obese but now he is about 7 or so kilos away from his goal weight. Anyway so we are going to give low carb another go, but I will be having fruit.... I am doing this to mainly support Steph but hey you never know it might just be what I will do long term... I am not going to stress over it just do day by day.... 

I am feeling in quite a good headspace, the pain is a lot less, my study is on track and life is just going pretty well.... so no time like the present :) 

Oh and once the weather warms up, a lot of meals will be salads and meat on the BBQ, summer is so much easier to lose weight, well I think anyway :) 

Forgot to mention that Steph has been winning a couple of competitions as well, some earings and movie tickets, and a bracelet :), am loving winning all these competitions. 


  1. How awesome for Chris, well done you and David for the study, AND I have Samuel wanting to bulk up for karate, kapa haka, and Rugby!!!

  2. Wow .. perhaps you can post a photo of Chris for us???
    He has done so well... some positive comments from us 'out here' would be nice for him.

  3. Thats awesome news about Chris. He made the decision himself and stuck to his guns. Well done Chris. Not often you see a teenage boy taking control like that to the extent of even cooking his own meals.