Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The place I won the voucher off, cant fit me in today.... so will have to get eyebrows redone next week, and just now while I was at home a courier came and left a card, which was thrown over the fence, hello if you had knocked on the door or beeped your horn you would have seen I was at home.... bloody useless some of them, hoping it will be the Wella pack I won a few weeks ago, so will now have to wait till tomorrow to pick it up from the office. 

Tomorrow we are going to Auckland, the puppies are going to the kennels - will be back Friday night.

This morning I had my psychologist appointment and David came so we talked through some issues which was good.

Back later :)  

I must admit I am worried about how the next few days will go, the long drive, sleeping in a different bed, the long hours in the lecture theater, the air conditioning, so many things, I am not even sure if I can do the full 2 days.... I am taking the wheelchair so that I can change from the chair to the wheelchair so my muscles don't seize up and I start spasming really bad... It wont be like when I am at home, if I need a stretch I get up and walk about, or avoiding the spasms by changing positions....  the temperature - at home I can adjust the heat - so many things... I will be talking to the lecturer and explain that if I get unwell, I will leave the room, or if I feel the spasms beginning I will go outside and so on... Also some days the meds knock me around, well I just cant fall asleep in the lecture theater not a good look lol... I will take it 1 hour at a time, and if all goes bad well so be it and I will learn what I will need to do different next time. 

So wish me luck and catch you all in a few days :) 


  1. Hope you have a good drive to Auckland and all goes well with the course.

    I'm sure couriers are not meant to just throw cards over the fence. Either lazy or in heck of a hurry.


  2. All the best for the next few days. Just remember to pace yourself.

  3. Good luck and if you do fall asleep just don't snore or sleep talk!!

  4. Hope it all goes okay for you. Rest when you can and don't try to push yourself.