Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally I think we can say it is Spring....

Another lovely day, though I hear rain is on the way..... but who can complain when we have had such a nice weekend :)

Today not much, went and got a few groceries, then we went to visit David's mum, then to the shops to buy some more knickers and another pair of leggings. Then David and I went out to lunch.... and now we have a roast in the oven for dinner. 

I am thinking of taking photos of my clothes and accessories I have been wearing like a lot of other bloggers do, not everyday but maybe once a week to begin with. Am wearing my peace necklace and the earrings I got yesterday....

Now I am relaxing and David and Steph are going to wash the cars, sometimes it is good to have CRPS lol....  

Though I only did my nails the other day, I am dying to try out the new nail polish so think I will do that now while they are outside cleaning the car :) 

Well the nail polish is harder than what I expected, should have read the reviews first lol - anyway got 1 heart on my nails but it has left a nice glitter finish :)

I am wondering if my skirts will arrive as it is still not taken off my credit card, yesterday it was shown as being taken out but today it shows that nothing has been taken out ggrrrr- if this time fails I will be looking at Aussie for some stuff or another USA site that looks good :) 

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