Sunday, September 2, 2012

Forgot to mention....

that I got a few compliments on my outfit yesterday when out and about  - ok the top half but hey.... I can not believe the compliments I have been receiving the last few weeks... it really does boost your confidence and makes it all worth while. 

Today even though we are probably not going out, I am wearing nice clothing, have make up on, did my nails and just feel good :)

Ok enough of that - plans for today not much, looks like the weather might pack in, and everyone else is still in bed, yes 10.30 and everyone is sleeping, David is getting a cold and needs to be able to drive me to Auckland in that's his excuse to sleep and the twins well they are 17 this month, and that is what teens do - sleep sleep and sleep. I do have the dog for company :). Actually think I might go and see if we can find a place to stay for a couple of nights in Auckland....

Accommodation booked, staying in Milford, so not to far away from Albany where the uni is. Kinda looking forward to it now :)

A lazy day at home has meant I ate to much..... tomorrow I am hoping to get out for a short walk, and maybe even a ride on the exer-cycle.... it just might be the exer-cycle only as the heavy rain is suppose to be here for a day or two. 

I am finally feeling better enough to think about exercise, now all I have to do is just do it!! 

OMG I told you the other day about discovering ETSY, my god I have found some amazing things I want, my favorite list is getting bigger and bigger.... wonder if I will ever win lotto to be able to buy the stuff I like lol.... maybe I could do a reward system for every 5 kilos I lose I am allowed to purchase one thing of my list.... hmmmm just might be a goal I think :)


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  1. I try to keep away from etsy for that reason. The only thing I ever bought was a Doctor Who badge!

    Have a nice day:)