Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Steph and Chris :)

 Happy Birthday to my darling children, 17 years old today :)

Accepting myself for who I am means I need to look at myself.... not avoid mirrors like I have in the past.... so as from today I am going to be sharing myself more in the way of photos....  I am this size and there is no need to hide myself from the world, I am who I am so time I accepted that, so today we are starting with some shots of what I am wearing today. Please excuse the dusty mirror, never noticed it till today when I took the photo.... lol Am practicing taking photos with a mirror - so hopefully they will only improve. You can see the nail polish but not the little hearts bugger :)

Above are 1 pair of shoes I purchased and that small scratch on my foot, happened like many many weeks ago, but because of the CRPS, every time I get a scratch or injury it will leave a permanent scar - great!!!
And here we have a full picture.... I love that skirt, I got it from "Let's Wear It Loud" it is comfortable and picked it up from the markets - and the black top is a cheapy from The Warehouse. The necklace I got from "Gorgeous Jewellery"

Today we are out to lunch to celebrate the twins birthday... then this afternoon they are off to Auckland for the weekend. 

Not sure of plans for the weekend, will depend on the weather... and don't want to spend to much cause I am saving to get my hair done hopefully the 2nd week of the holidays :)

Just found out another person with CRPS has passed away - there seems to be so many that have gone in just the short time I have known I have CRPS. He was such a support in the CRPS group.

Lunch today was ok, had a hamburger without the bun and about 6 chips, not really hungry but nice to get out and celebrate the twins birthday.  

Poor kids the bloody bus left 1 1/2 hours later due to the linking bus from Napier breaking down, hope she will not be to late for her Spookers.

Looks like they might be to late for Spookers now - gees I wish I had picked them up now and taken them. I am going to push for a refund....

I have been fiddling with my blog.... it is getting there slowly :) 

Yay the kids made it, I can relax now, and they are now at Spookers :) 


  1. Happy birthday S & C - I hope they have a great day !
    I also battle with photos of myself - just don't like them - well done for taking them and posting them. I think the outfit looks great - such cute shoes too !
    Have the best day and a great weekend !

  2. My god they're growing up so quick... happy birthday to 2 very special kids S & C, hope you both have a fantastic day...

    Love the photos too Jackie... well done.. rest and enjoy your day with the kids


  3. You look adorable!!! I'm glad to see you not hiding anymore.

  4. Happy Birthday to your children. I hope they enjoyed their special day!

    You look fabulous. Really great! A bit like one of my sisters actually:) So bonus points from me.

    I get really critical over photos of myself as well and I see things other people probably don't. It comes and goes. I should put some more on my blog soon.

  5. Great photos. You're looking good. Bother the dust .... if you hadn't mentioned it I'd have thought it was on my screen.

    I bought the smoked chicken nibbles at the Deli in New World. Can't remember what they cost but made perfect snacks or for lunch with salad. A whole smoked chicken is more than I need at once.

    Sounds like you had a good day .... may it continue tomorrow.


  6. That photo you put on - "you may also like"... that ship is the Regatta, the ship we just cruised on in Italy!!!

    Did you see Dr Oz yesterday? He talked to Paula Abdul about her RSD and she talked about how she dealt with the pain etc. If you missed it, it might be available on demand.

  7. A big happy birthday to your twins. What a great day for you all and such a great reason to celebrate. I'm so sorry to hear one of your friends has passed away though. That is so very tragic. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx