Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is it Sunday already....

ChrisH - I wont put a picture up as Chris yet, as I will ask him if I can...the twins are 17 this year and I tend to ask the kids now if I can put up pics lol. I am really proud of him, his Tourettes are nearly all gone, he still strays a bit but all in all he is making some really good decisions now :), his OCD is getting more and more under control every day, he is no longer on any meds, you can hardly tell he has or had aspergers.... everything is just falling into place with him.

I got my assignment back and got a B so stoked with that....

Oh yeah forgot to say yesterday we got one of those bird feeders for native birds it is hanging in the tree and some birds are eating it, think we will get some more, will take some photos. 

Steph has won a couple of prizes this week - some movie passes and some earings which she hates and I happen to love so guess what I am getting. Speaking of prizes - Steph and I are going to use it this week to get our eyebrows done, and I am thinking of getting semi-permanent mascara done, lasts about 6 weeks.   

Today not to much happening, will be going to Hamilton to pick up the kids and thats about it I think :)

Tomorrow I am going to start doing low-carb, for now all I am going to do is eliminate wheat, 1 small step at a time.... I will be eating rice and potatoes for now..... I am going to do this slowly and eliminate foods slowly, this is not a race..... 

I am still doing my beauty regime, and make-up, still wearing nice clothes and taking pride in myself, it is just now becoming part of my life, something that is not a chore but a pleasant activity.   

I am going to be ordering some clothes online, it will be skirts and shirts that are not fitting so it wont matter about the sizing quite so much.... I am so excited now I just need to save the money.... they are only coming from Aussie, I am really looking forward to our trip next year now :)


  1. I only post photos of my kids with their permission too.
    You must be so pleased with how well he has come along.

  2. Well done on your results - you must be so proud of yourself !
    Have the best week and take care of yourself.

  3. It's so wonderful to hear about your son. We have the opposite going over here as things are getting progressively worse the older Morgan gets.

    I've had the eyelash tinting done before. It looks great!

  4. You must be so proud of Chris and I hope he is proud of himself too, not just the weight loss but the other problems he had all so much improved.

    He could be a role model for other teens.