Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It is all about me....

Finally after many years I am spending some money on me... am going to get semi permanent mascara done this week..... and if I like it, it will be something I would like to keep doing.... In about 3 weeks I am going to get my hair done, I have been spending a bit of money on clothes for me....and also been buying some luxuries like the nail polishes etc... Up until recently I had not purchased any decent clothes for years, I was wearing the same old stuff day after day.... not only has it boosted my confidence but I am finally realising that I am worth spending some time on... and this is something I am going to continue to do... It is amazing what you can buy on the cheaper side if you look, especially on line, and also winning stuff is a real bonus :). 

As you can tell today has started of pretty good, the sun is peeping through, I have done the housework, washing and dinner is in the crock-pot, so all I have to do is some more of my assignment and relax.... 

I have been thinking about work lately and what I can possibly do part time, while I finish of my degree.... still working on that one :)

Anyway that assignment is not getting done while I am blogging so better go and do some more of the essay :) 

Bugger looks like my skirt I ordered last week wont be coming, some mix up somewhere - oh well I will reorder it again and just maybe something else to go with it lol... 

Essay getting there slowly... 

Ok I have made another order I ordered the same skirt but in blue, and this other skirt - ( I ordered blue in the top skirt, just in case the pink does arrive), and maybe this happened for a reason cause I found a code which saved me an extra $30 on both skirts :)

 So all going to plan it should arrive late next week, or early the week after.... I found this really nice other skirt but they didn't ship internationally :(


  1. I too have learned that it is OK to spend money on me and you are right - it is such a confidence booster !
    Good luck with your essay.
    Have a great day !

  2. You are right, you are number one. Hard when you are a wife and mum but for me it's the only way I survive.