Friday, September 21, 2012

Nearly all done....

Yay another 100 words approx and I will be finished, thank god I found the motivation to do it, I was starting to get a bit worried.... but all will be done and sent in by 5pm so the weekend I can relax and enjoy :)

Today the sun is shinning brightly, it is a lovely temperature and hope to sit out in the sun sometime this afternoon.. I need vitamin D.

I am getting my eyelashes done next Wednesday, she couldn't fit me in before the weekend bugger.... I am really excited about getting my hair done in the next couple of weeks, today I am also going to do my nails with the blue nail polish I bought the other day, actually might do that in the sitting out in the sun this afternoon :)

Anyway better get these 100 words done, proof it, get the references done and email it in :)

Assignment done and emailed in so I have to forget about it now as I can't change anything on it now.... soon I am going to sit in the sun and brush the puppy... then I will do my nails and then I will relax.... bliss :), next assignment not due for another 10 days so will start that on Monday :)

Ohhhh am getting excited am going to order my iPhone 5 in the next few weeks.... wont be the first in NZ to have it, will have to budget for it.... I love my Apple stuff :)

Yay looks like the skirts I ordered the other day have been shipped - awesome, not sure what I stuffed up with the first order but this one is looking good :) 

I have found this dress below on a plus size store in the states - I have seen it on a bigger person and it looks fantastic, am thinking of getting it but in blue or black... I am just waiting to hear back to see if they ship to NZ, and if so am thinking it might be a Christmas present to myself... lol, that will give me time to save up for it :)  



  1. I love soaking in that vitamin D!

  2. Hurray! Hopefully by the time you read this your assignment will be completed.

    Having a quiet morning. Sun has just come out .. after mid-day.


  3. Doesn't it make you feel good when you finish an assignment and it's been sent off.