Thursday, September 20, 2012

No motivation....

I am struggling to do this assignment, have no idea why... hell it is not even hard or long but I do a couple hundred words and then my mind moves onto other things... I will get it done not worried about that but for some reason I just can not be bothered....

No sun out today, well it does come out but only every so often... maybe it is the weather that is making me struggle with the assignment, well I will blame it on that anyway :)

Looking forward to the weekend, I want a sleep in... and I am looking forward to the gypsy fair this weekend, god knows why the last 2 years it has gotten really bad, with bugger all stuff. Just maybe I might find some clothes. 

Anyway I am just mucking around, didn't really have anything to write, just avoiding the assignment :)

Its the weather I tell you, that I am feeling not right... no sun makes Jaxx not a happy girl. I figure if I do 150 words an hour I will have this assignment finished tonight, then tomorrow reference it and proof it....

Kids are not going to Auckland this weekend, they are going up next Friday for their birthday and their friends and them are doing Spookers on the Friday night and Rainbows End on the Saturday night, they were going to stay up their for a few days in the holidays but Steph is doing a barista course in the first week of the holidays so she has to come back on the Sunday now. 

Finally found some motivation to get that assignment done, 1 small essay to do tomorrow and in it, it will go :) - then will have a relaxing weekend and come Monday will start the next one, so only 2 more to go :) 

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