Saturday, September 22, 2012


Today I have woken up to a sunny morning, a bit chilly but who cares the sun is out..... I have finished the assignment, I can relax and enjoy the company of my husband and the twins. 

We are going to get some new tyres for the car this morning, then after that we are off to the gypsy fair....

Oh yeah have heard back from the company that sells the dress I showed yesterday and yay they ship to New Zealand, so am thinking that could be my Christmas present to me from me.... I love lacy stuff :) 

Lately I have been reading a lot of plus size blogs, I am loving how they are embracing the fashions now out there for the plus size. I think in New Zealand we are still behind when it comes to plus size fashions but we will catch up, and in the meantime there are plenty of companies in the USA that ship to New Zealand. I know people say that being bigger than the so called 'norm' can have health issues, and yes that is true, but so do many people who are not overweight. Not all plus size people have health issues, and it is great that if you are losing weight that in the meantime you do not have to dress with no class. I was reading this on stuff just before, "click here"

Because of these blogs I have been reading lately, it has changed my whole outlook on how I treated myself... though I know being this weight is not good for me, I am lucky that I do not have any health issues related to my weight yet, and I am going to lose some kilo's but in the meantime, I am going to be proud of who I am, and enjoy the fashions that are now available to people like me, even if that means I have to shop overseas to get the look I love. 

Went to the gypsy fair and like last year it was pathetic.... a few photos nothing to exciting

 While there I did purchase this little peace necklace and below those pink earrings

  And when I was at the chemist picking up my script David purchased me this nail polish, it has glitter with little pink hearts in it and it goes over another color... so will be experimenting with this one next :). I really am lucky to have such a wonderful husband.
  To the left (just below the countdown to our trip) I have added a link of online shops I love, will add to it as I find more.. and to the right I will be adding some more of the motivational blogs I am loving :)


  1. trying again to leave comment this time from computer not iphone LOL

    Sounds good everything you're doing :)

    I wish I could get out like that, but my wheelchair doesn't like grass LOL sigh

  2. I agree that not all slim people are healthy and not all overweight people are unhealthy. I think too many people think they need to be in the "normal" BMI range when that is not what will be optimal for them.

    It is always wonderful to feel your best no matter what weight you are - I'm glad you are taking time with yourself and feeling better about how you feel.