Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring is here....

and all I keep hearing is that this spring is going to be the wettest spring in many years, but me being the optimist is not going to believe that.... it is sunny out there and I am going to enjoy it.

Yesterday I still felt quite ill, but today have woken up much better, think the meds are out of my system now, which is why I feel better today.

Today we are going to Davids mum for a birthday lunch, depending on how she feels will decide if we have the lunch there or go out.

Have the contact course in Auckland this week, we will be going up Wednesday after school, and back Friday night, the puppies will be going to the kennels (this will be Chico's first time :( ), I am sure she will be ok, but it kinda feels like what it was like, when the kids had their first sleepover when they were little.

The rest of the weekend not sure of plans, will play it by ear - have a good one what ever you are doing....and in case you did not know it is SPRING today :)

Well what lovely weather to begin Spring on, went to lunch, a cafe but was nice.... still felt a bit nauseous but much better this afternoon... cross fingers tomorrow will be the perfect day weather wise, pain wise.... and on that note I am now going to blob for the rest of the day :)  

Oh and one more thing, I have found so many inspirational blogs around lately, (far to many to put on my list - maybe I will do another page with all the blogs I have found), anyway was starting to feel a bit down today so went and caught up on the blogs and it really perked me up, they are not just weight loss, it is all-sorts and it has given me so many ideas and so much inspiration...

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  1. Hope you enjoy a weekend in the sun.

    Today keeps clouding over with a cold wind. Good for the washing but not so much for gardening so I'm spending the day writing.

    Yep! It's definitely spring and Poof! to those who say it's going to be wet. We've had enough rain to last us the rest of the year.