Saturday, September 29, 2012

Staurday Saturday Saturday....

Today I woke up feeling pretty crappy, but decided to go to Tauranga anyway, took my nausea pill and thought I would be fine by the time we got there.... But it was so hot and muggy that I didn't get any better, we did though did a stop at the farmers market, where we got some organic fruit and of course our treat of macadamia fudge. We also got some cheese and free range pork sausages and eggs. From now on I will need to use the wheelchair when I go there, so that I can handle the heat better. 

Below is a couple of items I am thinking of getting not in those colors, am thinking of getting the orange jumper in blue to go with the skirt I have ordered and not sure what color for the top one. 

I have been thinking that now I am able to get some shoes on come next winter I am hoping I might be able to wear boots.... am trying not to get to excited though. 

Anyway we were home by 11.30am so we stopped of at The Body Shop where I had some gift cards so I purchased.... some coconut body butter and some Indian Night Jasmine Eau De Toilette from their new Scents of the World Collection. We then popped into David's mum for a bit.

After that we came home and watched the The Big Bang Theory - we love that program and it is so good being able to watch it the same time as the states :), and then we watched the latest Coronation Street, again it is awesome we do not need to wait 18 months to see what the UK are watching :).

Daylight saving is here in New Zealand tonight, so that means longer nights - so summer feels like it is coming now with daylight saving.  

So all in all a pretty good day, I did have my camera but I was to sick to take pictures, next time :)

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