Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday already...

I am sure we missed a day on the weekend - it has been a horrible weekend weather wise, well since Saturday afternoon anyway. Today we went and picked up David's mum and took her to the mall, well that's if you can call it a mall for some lunch.

I bought Chris some clothes so he looks trendy now, and I got 3 OPI nail polishes for the price of 2, also got a new bra - down to $20 from $60 a bargain I could not resist. 

We then came home as it was pissing down with rain... and did sweet all...

So another exciting weekend we had lol - actually it was a nice weekend, especially the trip to Tauranga yesterday. Hopefully next weekend will be fine, come on weather it is Spring, to me that means days without rain.... well I can live in hope anyway :)

Oh and I wore my new shoes that I got yesterday - that would have to be the highlight of the weekend :)

I have overdone it this weekend, no amount of pain killers are working, why oh why can't I just have a normal weekend like everyone else and not have the pain.... some days the CRPS just sucks and this is one of them. Oh yeah something to look forward to next weekend the Original Gypsy Fair is here in Rotorua - and I am going to use the wheelchair if the grass is dry enough.....


  1. Hope you can get on top of this bout of pain. Sorry - don't comment much, but life is kind of crazy here!

  2. Sorry you are having such bad pain today.

    Wishing for a better pain and weather week for you xx