Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, and what a lovely day it was :)

 The weather was just fantastic today, a good day to change over to daylight saving :)

We went to the Rotorua Museum today, this time I took the wheelchair as I was feeling pretty dizzy and unbalanced (a side effect from the meds I think, or it could have been the heat) but for whatever reason I am glad I had the chair cause I could really enjoy it :). As a local we get in for free :).

 I am not sure how long the following links will be valid for.

The exhibitions showing this time were the "Wildlife Photographer of the year 2011", this was amazing, and if you are in Rotorua I highly recommend you check it out, no photos sorry no cameras allowed.    
Another one was "Nga Whakatupuranga - Generations of Weaving" - this was ok, you could buy some of the pieces. Again no photos were allowed.

We then had a look at "Family Treasures 2012 - Nga Taonga Tuku Iho" - some of this was pretty interesting, again no cameras.

And another one was "The Eclectic Collection - Collector in the Community", this was pretty good :)

And last was the "The Object of the Portrait" which was also pretty good. So all in all a pretty good morning of things to see.

After that we went out for lunch to "Triple 1 Five", a restaurant in Rotorua, it was ok, not the nicest meal I have eaten but ok. By now I was feeling better and enjoyed the lunch :)
Sorry the pictures are not great forgot the camera so only had the iPhone :) - no wine just Diet coke with all the meds I am on, I wouldn't even want to risk taking any alcohol lol.
Lunch was fish for David and I had a smoked chicken/cheese/bacon melt.
Love the poppies - we sat inside by buy a big open window thing, so had a nice breeze coming through.

Kids arrive home at 12.35am on the bus, Chris can sleep in and Steph has a Barsita course for the first week of the holidays :)

Had a nice day and know that with summer I am going to have to use the wheelchair a lot more but that's OK, if it means I can get out and about :)

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