Thursday, September 27, 2012

They have done it...

They have finally charged my credit card for my skirts, and as I currently type this up they are on there way to New Zealand, so all going to plan they should be here next week, am getting excited lol. Hopefully I have got the sizing right and I plan to purchase a lot of stuff from them when the sales are on.

Tomorrow the twins turn 17, a few friends and them are going to Spookers in Auckland and staying at their dads, then Saturday night they are all going to Rainbows End - such a shame all the exciting stuff is in Auckland and their dad has to organise it all lol. Next year I am sure a nightclub will be involved as they will be 18. 

Anyway time to drop Chris of at school :) 

Chris at school, just about to take Steph into town for some new clothes :).

Now that I am feeling slightly better after the semi-permanent mascara yesterday, I am loving it... but next time I am going to ask her if there is another way we can do it without me laying down cause last night I was sore and my hands were tingling with bugger all feeling in them - think it was because I had been laying on them to stop them from spasming as much.

Dinner is in the crock-pot, it is curry chicken, and Chris will do the stir-fry to go with it.

So after we get back from town I can get into that blasted assignment.... and tomorrow the kids and their friends are busing up to Auckland... to many to fit in the car :) 

2 hours to find 1 shirt, yes that's how long it took for Steph to find a shirt for the weekend..... 2 hours I could have been studying but hey it was 2 hours I spent with my daughter, those times will become rarer and rarer as she gets older, and there's always tomorrow to study :)

Tonight I did my nails in the purple nail polish that I won, then added the glitter nail polish with the hearts over it, looks really good, will try and remember to take a photo of it tomorrow in daylight. Shame I don't have a UV light to get the full effect of the nail polish :(

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  1. Oh My Goodness!

    How did your twins come to grow up so fast. They are young adults now.

    Wishing Chris and Steph and you a very a lovely day tomorrow qith many Happy Returns.