Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yip really exciting title I know......

I am so loving my eyebrow shape, I think she has done the best shaping I have ever had..... cant wait till next week when I will get the semi permanent eye lashes done. Speaking of beauty, I am so in love with this haircut but really love the color.... I am so tempted to get something like this done as I am not working at the moment, now would be the perfect time.... but having said that my hair is to short for now..... oh well will keep thinking and dreaming :)

The only thing about ordering stuff online, you have to wait for the stuff and I have no patience :(..... but as the saying goes good things come to those who wait :)

Anyway better get on with housework and study....    

I had been feeling so good lately that I had more or less forgotten I had CRPS - OK slight exaggeration there...but tonight we went to the night markets and holy hell the cold on my arms, had me in tears, I had not been out much at night - well actually have not been out at night for months and now I know why..... next time I will be wearing the gloves so I don't get the temperature change like that again...

Oh and the iPhone 5 is out..... roll on the 28th September when it will be here in NZ :)

Yay just won another prize, 4 nail polishes.... and about the photo above I have emailed the hair dressers and am going to see them about doing my hair something like that.... maybe not the cut but will go black and blue :) 


  1. That colour is gorgeous. I want to just bleach the bottom edge of my hair and put in a bright colour. Finding one that goes with everything is difficult but I think teal might be a winner!

  2. YAY for winning a competition - I love winning things but more often than not forget to enter in the first place (or think - I must get around to that sometime soon and then forget !)
    Have a great Friday.

  3. Good for you jaxx its an awesome colour , I used to have brilliant purple and black hair approx 25 years ago lmao but was really hard to keep the purple bright, there was a product ultra violet or some thing that you had to rinse through after every wash dont think they make it any more. but im sure the dyes have progressed over those years and should last longer lol