Wednesday, September 26, 2012


not much is happening, and after yesterday afternoon dramas with the twins friends, I am pleased that today is quiet, dinner is easy Macaroni Cheese, which is all done and only needs to be heated tonight, oh and this afternoon my eyelashes are going to get a semi-permanent dye put on them, cant wait to see what it will look like.

Suppose I had better do some of my assignment as well..... I am not enjoying the study this semester. 

Anyway better get doing something constructive, oh yeah I am thinking of doing something with my blog... still working on ideas but hopefully the plan I have will all fall into place :) 

I am going back to work - this is unpaid work in the money sense, but on the health side I will be making millions. The job I am undertaking is to get myself as healthy as I can with CRPS. I am going to get up every day and do what I have to do to get healthy. I am treating it as my job - so that I do not have excuses. I am scheduling the things I need to do in my daily schedule. I am in a rut so to speak, currently I am working on my daily schedule, which I hope to have finished tonight. Once this part of my life is in a routine, I will be working on a paid job. I have been researching and feel that when I get myself mentally well I will be able to set up my paid job, this I am hoping to do from home and I have set myself a goal. It will require me doing things out of my comfort zone.... I am scared but excited at the same time, of the possibilities :). 

This is not about numbers on a scale or about what clothes size I am - I am not weighing, I am not going to abuse my self just because I have made a mistake,  what I am going to do is eat healthy, treat myself like it deserves to be treated and not just on the outside, but the inside as well - and what better time to do this but now, when summer is on the way, and daylight savings is beginning.   

Well got my eyelashes done, took about 30 minutes of me laying down, and I was having to lay on my hands and arms as they started spasming, I got up and I was so light headed, I could hardly see. I nearly slipped down the steps cause I was so unstable. If I get it done again which I highly doubt, I will need to some thing about how I lay down.... so how does it look, not to sure as my eyes are still trying to focus. 

Here is a link to a plus size magazine, I have not read it yet, and am assuming the whole thing is online, anyway click "here" and check it out. I am about to :)


  1. I'm sorry your studies seem hard to get into at the moment. It's not easy to tough it out with so much going.

    We are being lazy. Waiting for a nice sunny day with no pesky wind. Haha!