Monday, September 3, 2012

Triple yay.....

I have just won a $50 voucher for Lavish, so Steph and I are going to get our eyebrows shaped hopefully tomorrow before Auckland..... if not then it will be next week. I am stoked so thank you Lavish.

I have decided that the weather dictates my mood, today I feel flat...... no reason why except for the fact it has been raining raining and more raining - I am over it, I want the sun, I need the vitamin D it offers me....

Apart from that nothing else exciting has happened :) 

Oh and have I mentioned how much I am in love with ETSY lol


  1. wow your a winner again well done....must have a look at this etsy your talking about.. Hope you have a good time up here in auckland.

    donna at work

  2. Enjoy spending your voucher. Hope you can fit it in before leaving for Auck,

    A couple of days had me all excited about gardening ..... then grey skies again. I think we are all crying out for a decent spell of sun. Grey is my most unfavourite colour.

    Hope tomorrow is better than today.


  3. You are having such great luck lately!