Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday already....

Where did Monday go.....

This morning went to the hand therapist, go back in 2 weeks to adjust the night splints as they are hurting a bit, and I can't sleep without a splint. Speaking of the hand therapist, she could not believe how much better I was looking and how much more positive I was feeling :)

Sun is out again today, though it is bloody cold and windy. 

Dinner is in the crock-pot, it is a curry so hope it is nice. Oh yeah tomorrow afternoon Steph and I are getting our eyebrows reshaped with the voucher I won, yay another thing done to boost my confidence.

Anyway better get some study done....

Man no assignment work done, it has taken me this long to sort through my study notes from the course last week.... anyway all done now.

I am not liking this wind when we have trees just behind the house, that are twice the size of the house, I keep hearing the branches crack - hope they stay on the trees and not on the house. 

Today I ordered this skirt from OneStopPlus.com.... if it works fine and I like it, I will buy more from there as they are coming into winter, their summer stuff is going out cheap.... it also has reviews on the items which is great cause I really liked this other skirt but the reviews were not that great so didn't get it. It will take about 10-14 days to arrive. It has a big choice and also I like that not every other person will be wearing the same stuff, especially in the bigger sizes where here in NZ we do not have much of a choice or if we do the prices are so expensive. 

 Dinner was really nice a curry in the crock-pot with some roast potatoes....and a salad. Am feeling pretty tired and sore so think tomorrow will be a rest day :)


  1. I've gotta garee with your therapist. It is amazing how much better you sound now that you are on medication that works.

    We'll pamper together in our different towns. I never thought I'd ever need eyebrow shaping and trimming but without I begin to look like Uncle Festus after a few weeks. Not my style.

    Great way to have a little mother - daughter time. Have fun.



  2. It was really windy in Sydney last week but it's settled down now. I just had my eyebrows re-shaped and it's a great boost to come out of there looking and feeling so much better. I'm glad your hand specialist said you're looking so much better xx

  3. I love your new blog template - looks great J ! Nice skirt - I am sure it will look great teamed up with a pink or black top.
    Have a great day !