Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A good day so far....

Today I got to catch up with the lovely Anne for a coffee, was really nice to catch up and get out for a bit.

I have managed to get an extension on my assignment, as I am really struggling study wise at the moment, so that has taken a bit of pressure off.

My prize of The Sapphires movie tickets and CD arrived today - yay so David and I can hopefully go and see the movie this weekend, speaking of this weekend, both kids are going to be in Auckland, it seems like ages since David and I have had a weekend of just us. Oh and I had ordered a couple of tops from Autograph in Aussie, they arrived today - they are fantastic and love them so will model them soon :).

 Miss Chcio Chops has decided that she loves toilet rolls ggggrrrrrrr - any chance she gets she is in there and gets it of the holder and runs like a mad thing around the house, leaving a trail of loo paper behind her - kinda cute till I have to clean it up lol.
 That's it from me for now..... have a few ideas for names of the new business I am going to set up, just need to work on them so they are original :)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for making time to see me. I know you were pretty tired after an hour of full on chatter.

    It was fun and I look forward to next time.

    The new tops are gorgeous and you look fabulous.

    Till next time. Blessings