Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little better.....

This morning I woke up with so much pain in my arm, it has settled a bit today.... For a nice surprise David took us out to dinner we went to "The Kurious Kiwi", it is a newly opened restaurant, with pretty good feedback. I had the burger sliders which is 4 mini burgers with Pulled pork, beef, tempura battered fish & grilled chicken. They were quite nice, and small enough for me. I ate 3 of them and had some chips.I liked the way they set it up on the board/plate, with the chips in the basket etc.

Today not much happening, study, mucked around a bit.... Oh yeah the reason for the photo above is I was trying out my new phone, I am now the proud owner of an Iphone 5. I am so in love with it :) 


  1. The iPhone 5 photo is really nice. I just got another 4 because I have a docking stations for it that the 5 doesn't fit into.

    Hope your pain is better today xx