Monday, October 1, 2012

A new week...

And the school holidays are here, well at least for Chris, Steph is doing a Barista course for the first week. They arrived home on the bus at 12.30am this morning, so think Steph will be pretty buggered, she did enjoy the weekend though which is awesome :)

Today assignment is the main priority, after washing, housework etc..

Oh yeah won another prize today, it is a Halloween costume of my choice or in fact any costume from "Dollar Value". I will let the kids choose something :).

Anyway housework is waiting and so is the assignment :) 

Ohhhh getting excited my skirts from the USA will hopefully arrive today duh not today this week, and all going to plan next week am hoping to get my hair done :), and it will be a massive change :) 

I am finding I have to dinner in the mornings, most days this means I have to do meals that I can do most of the preparation in the mornings, by late afternoon I am crashing. So dinner is done for tonight, all I have to do is reheat it. I am not sure what is causing this crash late afternoon, but it is not getting better, but I am not going to let it get the better of me, I have goals like the trip to Aussie next year, my study and hopefully getting back into some type of employment next year. 

Sun is popping through yay... rain is going :) - bugger I had something to tell you but now I have forgotten. :( 

Still can't remember bugger it, but am hoping to get my hair done next week Wednesday, still not sure which one yet, think I like the blonde for summer but because I have some color in my hair already we might have to go the black/blue haircut.   



  1. Wow a massive change eh? Looking forward to seeing what you get done.

  2. Sounds great, can't wait to see what you have changed.. must feel good to do all these changes :)


  3. Both look great. The change will be good.


  4. Love the black blue colours but really love the purple :-) Change is always good :-)