Monday, October 8, 2012

In the mailbox

I found these, won them in a competition, and how good is that it is a kiwi movie :), not sure if I will go or pass them onto some other family if my kids don't want them.
Today not much is happening, tomorrow I will be picking Steph up and hopefully dropping Chris off, for a few days with his dad. Will do a bit of study later... done housework, washing and that's about it :)

Have been sick again this afternoon, so slept away the afternoon. Feeling much better, I am having a rough few days but I am not going to let the CRPS win.... I will keep fighting. 

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  1. Hey Jackie. Hope you're feeling a lot better today. Sorry I've been quiet for a bit but have had to work through a few things. Our new server is a real pain and has moments when I can read blogs and when I can't. I can't even get into my own blog to post.

    I just want to say that your blog is wonderful and positive and you're glowing. It's so great too see. Will have to catch up soon after the school holidays.