Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is it really Thursday already.......

I can't believe how fast the year is going..... 

Anyway onto today's outfit.....  I am wearing a tunic and leggings from Farmers, and the Shoes are also from Farmers lol..... and the earrings you can just see, Steph won and gave them to me, and the necklace I have had for years. You know what I am actually enjoying doing these photos :). And OMG I can not wait till I get my hair done next Wednesday, speaking of haircuts, Miss Chico is going in next Thursday for her haircut.

Miss Biscuit wanted to be in the photos as well :)
 Today I must do some more on the assignment, it is due tomorrow night, so want to get it nearly completed today... thank god it is not a hard one.

Tonight we are going out to Gengy's I think for dinner, plan to wear one of my skirts, am hoping to wear the blue one but that will depend on if I have time to do my nails in a blue, got to be matching :). 

Thanks all for the lovely comments :), still doing the assignment.... wish I could actually enjoy doing it this time round... oh well tomorrow midnight it will be finished and gone, back to it :)

Anyway I really need to get going on this assignment, catch you later :)


  1. You really suit those leggings, I don't think I've seen you wear them before? Very flattering on you :)

  2. I agree, the outfit looks fab on you Jax! :)

  3. I agree, the outfit looks fab on you Jax! :)

  4. Jackie you look lovely, and I think your hair looks neat too! I get quite a few of my clothes from Farmers too... they do sometimes have some nice stuff eh?

  5. I too like the leggings very nice outfit can't wait to see the hair.

  6. You look great :) love the outfit!

  7. I hate having assignments hanging over my head. You feel so much better once they're handed in. I hope you have a good time out tonight and that there's time to paint your nails - you deserve a great night out after all the study xx