Monday, October 15, 2012

Just a few pics.... because

Look who loves sleeping with their dad...... :)
Just a few pics of me - got to keep them going even when I am feeling crap :) - was trying to show the earrings I got yesterday in Taupo from Trade Aid.
And just because I can another photo of me - the top was purchased at The Warehouse and skirt is a Jessica London skirt from OneStopPlus in the USA.
This morning I had my hand therapist, I use a splint at night to help with sleep and pain. This is the latest concoction :). Wearing it really helps with the sleep.

Had a really good chat with her this morning, and we talked about future plans - but more on that another day.
Now I need to work on the assignment before the day has disappeared before me. 

I have been thinking heaps about my future and income, I was really hoping I might have been able to do social work but that looks like it wont be for at least a long while, right now I think my best bet is to try and get something sorted from home, I have some ideas about what I would like to sell - but would like to add other things. Lets face it online buying is getting bigger and bigger..... and I want to get into that niche. Realistically working 8 hour days are probably never going to happen, I need something I can do from home - I am thinking I might do some business papers next year or some communication papers in public relations so I can have the gift of the gab... I am not talking about making millions thought that would be nice but am thinking something that will bring in some semi-decent income :). I am going to find out where the Problogger Conference 2013 is next year, I am not sure even if they are yearly or what.... but I think I could learn a lot from it, wish I had purchased a virtual ticket for this year oh well....

I am also maybe looking at earning some money from this blog.... but that is way down the track.


  1. Love the colours in the skirt - very bright and colourful. It looks great on you !
    Have the best day !

  2. My sister has the same skirt from that shop. It always looks so cool and bright.

    It sucks you are feeling so bad. Hope you can find some online income. I'm tthe opposite of a pro blogger!