Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Miss Chico and Miss Biscuit...

Chico is being a naughty puppy lately, not listening, digging in the garden and coming inside full of mud, chewing things she knows she is not allowed.... but we still love her. Her favorite spot next to Biscuit.  
No Miss Chico there is no food in the bowl....
Did my nails today - I used OPI No Room For The Blues, and then put the glitter over the top called OPI Last Friday Night. Candy Girl has a good range of nail polishes and reasonable prices - check them out "here"
Today am heading to Hamilton to meet the ex, to pick up Steph and drop Chris off for a few days. And guess what tomorrow I am getting my hair done, can not wait :)

Am so hoping I don't have a flare while I am driving today, Steph will drive home so that will be good. Going to go a bit earlier so that I can have a small look at The Base.

Chris and his Dad are going to use the movie tickets I won yesterday, he will take them to Auckland :)

 Bugger Steph wont be driving home as she is not well - am glad she knows when to make responsible decisions though :) - so I will be making sure I go easy on the med that I think is causing the issues.

This time tomorrow my hair will be done - hope I like it, (wonder if I will be darker or lighter) I am sure I will - David has the day off so he will be doing the driving. 

Am back and am knackered.... and sore but a few extra pain killers will help with that. I am so excited about my hair tomorrow, can't wait, and whats the bet I come out with something completely different from the pictures lol


  1. Good on Steph for making such a responsible decision, I know when I first got my licence I wanted to drive everywhere all the time.

    I am looking forward to seeing which colour you decide on your hair :-).

  2. Chico is too cute! I'm glad you have someone to drive you. Can't wait to see your new "do". Kiah

  3. Look forward to seeing your new hair do next week.


  4. Chico is really waiting for that bowl to be filled!

    Hair pics tomorrow:)