Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long weekend....

We have Monday off here in New Zealand this weekend - a nice long weekend where I must rest.

Dropped the kids of at Hamilton yesterday, Steph drove there thank goodness, so I only had to drive home. Was fine till about the last 20 minutes, where I got these massive spasms in my back, they  nearly made me jump from my seat, not good when I am driving, I managed to keep the tears under control, thank god they only lasted a few minutes but enough to knock me.... came home and had dinner (if you can call a deep fried moro bar for dinner), yeah I know but I was craving it, and then was in bed by 9pm and fast asleep soon after, the new well the old revamped splint is working fantastic.

Today I am hoping to check out the Spookers Zombie Walk in Rotorua, where they are fundraising for brain injuries. Will probably go just before 2pm where they are going to dance to Thriller, will be good to watch. 

I have been emailing many places about selling their stuff, so now it is just wait and see what else I can find on the net, I am also going to set up instigram (not even really sure what it is, I know it has something to do with photos but Steph said I should), so will check that out this weekend, and also a twitter account. I would like to be able to have say 3 or 4 companies for clothes and about 2 or 3 for jewellery, but that could all change lol. 

Anyway back later with the outfit I am wearing today maybe :)

Here are the photos of what I am wearing today.... you can still see the blue/purple in my hair :)please excuse the photos I really need practice on taking them, or I need to get someone else to take them. My dad has a spare tripod so he is giving me that :). The nails which are quite hard to see are OPI Kiss me on the Tulips, with OPI Silver Shatter over the top (Decided to go pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

 The earrings I got from Skingraft in their 3 for $10 special - was a good score.
 The necklace is my old faithful pentagram.
 A closer up look for the skirt which is Jessica London purchased from OneStopPlus. You can't see the ballet shoes but they are from K Mart (Which apparently we are getting in Rotorua).
 The top is from Autograph - probably should have gone a size smaller but hey it is a peasant top so can be on the looser side.
 And another just because :)
 So there you go that's me for today :)

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  1. That skirt is lovely on you i love the bright colours.