Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Midweek..... and they arrived

Miss Chico has discovered a place in the garden she loves to dig, not great photos cause she does not like being photographed.... she was muddy - have no idea where she is digging it from, the only place we can think is under the deck.

These are my latest nails, am loving the pink :), which I won from Hairvenly Extensions.
And some of me cause I am trying to get used to seeing me in photos, as you can tell my hair needs a good style and cut, 1 week today yay :), the pink earrings (that you can only just see if you look REAL hard) I got from the Gypsy Fair last weekend.
A closer look of the camera - nah not really another of my nails and was trying to get the necklace in the pic, I really need to work on my photography :). The necklace I got from Gorgeous Jewellery and I know I will be wearing it a lot, I love it :)
And one of me again need to get better with the camera, I had a better shot but the mirror was filthy, needless to say it is now clean lol. The white shirt I got many years ago from a shop in KatiKati, and the pink shirt (which I use a s a jacket), I got from Autograph and the skirt is from Australia, a little gypsy shop on the way to the blue mountains. And my shoes are from K Mart (which you can't see lol).
Today I really do need to work on my assignment, my skirts are now with the courier, so really should be this week when they arrive, I have no patience but I have no choice on this one :(.

Look what arrived a parcel from the USA, yes my skirts arrived and OMG they fit perfect, they look so much better than the picture - I am so stoked.... and I know where I will be shopping from now on. You will have to wait to see them on, when I dress up....... but the fit is just perfect :), I am so excited lol


  1. That pink nail polish is a lovely shade I can always paiont one hand nice and the other hand yuck!!

  2. Glad to see you so perky :) Look forward to seeing pics of the skirts.. have great day :)


  3. Love your fashion show and now I want to see the new skirts.

    Hope to be in Rotorua for a couple of days next week so hope you are not bogged down in assignments and we can have a visit.

    I'll email when we know which days.


  4. Love those pink nails Jackie - the perfect accessory I think! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)