Monday, October 15, 2012


Well have found an importer who will sell me jewellery and accessories etc - I will start with that first as the outlay wont be so expensive, then add the clothes, the clothes I hope to have up and going by early next year.

So I need a name, 2 ideas are Curvalicious and Dangerous Curves is another one, I like Curvalicious  - but of course I will need to find out if anyone else as it etc.... A good friend will hopefully do a website, and I am going to ask another friend if she will do me a logo.... of course I am going to pay these people :), hopefully it will be mates rates. 

So any ideas for a name please would be much appreciated thanks :)


  1. There is already a curvalicious but I love the name! How about 'Full Curve Clothing'.

    I like the list of clothes websites you have in the side bar. Very helpful:)