Saturday, October 6, 2012

The weekend is here.....

 Yesterday Steph and I went to a big makeup discount place, it comes to Rotorua about every 4 months, and this is where they sell old stock etc... but who cares it is cheap :). Anyway I got me some new foundation, 2 OPI nail polishes at only $10 each, that's a score, got me a silver crackle and a blue glitter one, I also got another brand in the yellow. I got some lip glosses, eye liners, I love those ones, and a manicure set.
The other skirt, I got I am wearing today, I don't really like the top I have with it, but had nothing else, so will go online and look for a couple of tops to go with it.... I love these maxi skirts, they are really me :) - The photo's are not that great, think I might have to invest in a tripod... :)

I shifted the mirror around to see what I could do - hence the dog basket holding it lol
Still got the blue nail polish on but today I will change it as it was a rush job and not that happy with it.
Today I think we are going out for breakfast well brunch probably by the time we get there.... Chris is not coming he has one nasty head cold. 

This weekend will be a quiet one, I am pretty tired from running around yesterday, think I might download a couple of movies and veg....

Went out for brunch, and we went to visit David's mum, then home as I was feeling nauseous. Oh but we did detour by the make-up sale again as David said he wanted to buy me some stuff, well what is a woman suppose to do...... so we went and got his mum some perfume and he got me the following:
 Got some more foundation as the one I got yesterday was really nice for my skin color, got another couple of nail polishes, some make-up wipes, nail strengthener, lip pencil, mascara and concealer. Oh and some little scissors :) 

Oh yeah forgot to mention that the scales are still moving in the right direction, I only weigh myself when I feel like it, no pressure, just watching what I eat but not obsessing :)

I did my nails again, did the orange with silver shatter, don't like it but for now it will have to do - as it takes so long to do.... the shatter really needs to go over a darker nail polish, maybe tomorrow ;)

I crashed today, I got dizzy, unbalanced, the shakes, and the horrible burning... I took more meds, slept and felt a bit better when I got back up. I hate how I can not have a normal day, I hate that I have to take about 30 meds a day just to get through - CRPS SUCKS!!


  1. hI. I'm enjoying your make-up posts. More so because I don't seem to ba able to use anything except lipstick on my face right now. Anything that gets within a couple of inches of my eye sets off a reaction. Sad.

    Our plans for Rotorua have changed. Will email when I am sure of what we are doing.

  2. I'm so happy to finally catch up on your blog:) I love your new skirts. The teal and black one is my favourite! The colourful one from this post is gorgeous as well.

    What a bargain on the makeup. I need new mascara because my last one made my eyes swell up everywhere. I'm going to try getting them tinted in a few week so hopefully that won't do the same thing.

    Have a great weekend xx