Friday, October 5, 2012

The weekend is upon us again....

Here we have one of my skirts.... I wore a black top with it but am going to get a lightweight jersey to wear with it as well, it is blue and matches the skirt.....I need to find another place for the mirror, you can tell a male put it up, it is totally in the wrong place and to look in at it you are squished by the door lol.The skirt is from the USA at OneStopPlus.
The skirt has a really nice flow to it and love the feel of it when I am wearing it, I am thinking I might get the black and white one as well... The shoes are my faithfuls from Farmers, now I only have 2 pairs of shoes at the moment, as I have not been able to wear shoes in years due to it causing a flare with the CRPS.
Here I am wearing the necklace I love again, I really need to get a few of these types.... and bloody hell as soon as I finish here I am going to clean the mirror lol. Notice the blue nails, I did them but was a rushed job but you can't tell unless you look real close.
Last night we went to Gengy's for dinner, I started with pumpkin soup and a roll.....
You then have your mains which is all raw meat, consisting of chicken, pork, beef and some seafood, add your veges and then you place it all in a bowl and then......
you choose your sauces.....
then you take your bowl to these guys who cook it in front of you...
and you end up with something like this, this plate only has the chicken and beef on it.....
for dessert they have pancakes which they cook while you wait, you have a selection of toppings like fruit, ice-cream and sauces like chocolate, caramel etc... 
And it ends up looking something like this :)
To be honest this is not my type of restaurant, I am conscious of the raw meats and cross contamination, (just my OCD), as the place was busy so I am sure it is not an issue, but as soon as we walked in the door at home, Steph vomited up her whole meal..... have no idea why.

Anyway have nearly finished my assignment, just need to finish the conclusion and proof it. So will be in early afternoon yay then I can have a good weekend and back into the last one due in about 2 weeks. 

Steph is off to Auckland tonight, she is busing up and then I will pick her up Sunday and Chris and his mate will go up for a few days and then they will bus back sometime through the week. 

Only 5 days till I get my hair done - can't wait :)

Assignment done and dusted.... Steph is on her way to Auckland, went to the cheap makeup things they have here in NZ, they come for 3 days and everything is cheap, purchased a few goodies will show you tomorrow, I am exhausted now.....


  1. We have that here that restaurant it is called BBQ Master! we love it I like the blue skirt very nice.

  2. Hi

    All your outfits look great!



  3. That blue skirt is gorgeous!!! I agree with you Jackie about cross contamination yuk!