Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Weekend.....

Rotorua has a lot of problems with teenage gangs etc.... (I suppose no more than any other place, but I know that I would not walk in town alone at night) anyway yesterday we could here this rapping going on, and surrounding it was quite a few teenagers showing which side of town they belong in with their bandana's, the group performing was a Christian group and they had come down from Auckland to maybe help a teenager or two, to get in the right direction.Hence the rapping as the promoter said to us it is the only language a lot of them know, I am not a Christian but good on these guys coming down and trying to get to some of these kids, and they were not to bad either not that I really like rap.... just maybe one teenager listened and got something out of it.
Yesterday was pretty hot, and so Chico decided to sleep by the door where there was a slight breeze coming through :)
And of course she had to have a head shot for the camera :)
Biscuit decided the chair was a much better place to sleep - yes they are spoiled little babies :)
Rotorua does have some good things, like the floating wetland, which is believed to be the worlds largest man-made wetland in the world, read more about it "here". (If you click the link you can see it from an above view) It contains more than 20,000 native plants grown from Rotorua-sourced seeds. It is estimated the floating island will remove up to four tonnes of nitrogen and more than 1000kg of phosphorus from the lake every year. As well as helping improve Lake Rotorua's water quality, the wetland will also promote the district as it has been constructed to spell out the word "Rotorua" in giant floating letters. The 5000sq m structure is 160m long by 40m wide and a fibre mat covering its surface is constructed from half a million recycled plastic soft drink bottles. Native plants have been sewn into the matting.

Anyway today was such a lovely day it was time to get the summer veges sorted. So first up was the lettuce :) (If only the dogs wouldn't keep jumping in we might just get some salad leaves).
Here we planted some strawberries we did 3 of these pot things :), hopefully I can get to them before Chico does.
This deck we hardly use cause it is rotten and because we have lots of native trees surrounding us we hardly get enough sun for a vege garden except for the deck, hence why we are using that.
The weekend has been so so... oh and tonight we had our first BBQ of the summer was nice, and we sat outside for breakfast and dinner.

Have a good week all :)


  1. stick some small gardening twigs in the pots or twigs in the shape of a teepee until plants get bigger etc...

  2. Glad you had a great weekend :) love the BBQ idea too..


  3. You're doing better than me by planting some lettuce. I'm just too slack apparently.

    You'll be eating home made salads in no time!

  4. So glad God is sending faithful servants to try and help some of those teens. Yum...strawberries sound so good right now. Can't wait to see it all flourish! Kiah